55 word stories, micro fiction, flash fiction, short-short stories in exactly 55 words, 55-word fiction, nano fiction, nanofics, flash, micro, or (flash-fiction, micro-fiction, nano-fiction) hyper-short. Really short stories to read between bus stops, or when you just want a quick fiction fix. Romance, Adventure, Crime,  Love, Mystery, Suspense, Horror, Humor, Fantasy, in 55 words.

Selected Shorties  from
The Fool Who Invented Kissing


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Somebody Call The Cops!

My first new car! Now it sits, smashed and leaking.
I’d hit a cop car. Right in front of the cop shop!

Not my fault, the officer agreed.

Inside the police station, a sergeant hands me an accident report.
“Look on the bright side,” he smiles, “at least you don’t have to call
the cops.”


Hilda wasn’t coming. He was sure of that now, as he rocked on the
porch in the muggy Florida air.

“Hilda isn’t coming,” he whispered.

He whistled in the dark and rocked himself to sleep.

He was dreaming of Hilda when she hit, flattening his house and
roaring through town at 180 miles per hour.

And the Winner is . . .

After his girlfriend left him, he dropped a wad at Bingo and blew
a fortune on the pools. His platoon buddies derisively call him

Now, shells burst only yards away and a sniper pins them down.
“Alright, boys,” the sergeant yells, “who’s gonna take out that

“Suggest we draw lots, SIR!” hollers Lucky.

Death By Fashion

I could die!

Mom makes me wear this dweebie skirt to school. Like, plaid…

I hate Moms!

I know my life is over as I stamp off, screaming.

In homeroom, Jessica Thomson — only THE most popular girl in
school — is wearing the exact same skirt.

She winks and gives me the ‘thumbs up’.

Moms rule!

Where There’s A Will...

“You make much ado about nothing, Will,” says the Publisher.

“This has been done to death; it’s dead as a doornail. Puhleeese
...no more star-crossed lovers, or heroes with that lean and hungry
look! Drop the clichés.”

“I’ll tell Francis,” says Will. “I’m just his lowly agent.”

“The more fool you,” replies the Publisher.


The Gods are sitting on the edge, flicking singularities into the
“Watch!” says Zeus.
“Duuhhh,” Vishnu remarks, as s/he lets one fly at twice the speed
of light.
“My turn,” says Deus.
A nanosecond later (seems like eternity), spectacular fireworks
light the dark.
“Good one!!!”
“Sure made a Big Bang,” says Vishnu.

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