55 word fiction, a type of flash, micro, or nano fiction. flash-fiction, micro-fiction, nanofics, or short-short stories. 55-word stories to read between subway stops, or when you're multi-tasking. Love, Romance, Adventure, Crime, Thrillers, Mystery, Horror, Humor, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Fantasy. All in The Fool Who Invented Kissing, Shorties™ by Long


The Fool Who Invented Kissing
The Fool Who Invented Kissing eBook, micro fiction, flash fiction, short stories, short-short stories, 55 word fiction.ONLY AVAILABLE IN eBOOK
An entertaining collection of 96 short-short stories, each one exactly 55 words, by accomplished author and songwriter Doug Long. Includes 25 illustrations by David Botten. Published by Fictive Press.

Perfect for reading between bus stops or while multi-tasking. Also known as nano-fiction, flash fiction, micro-fiction or commuter fiction, these hyper-short "Shorties by Long" cover the gamut of fiction genres: Love,  romance, mystery, thriller, adventure, humor, horror, suspense, crime, fantasy, sci-fi, inspirational, and more.

Bonus content: a link to FREE Music downloads of Doug's songs, along with the lyrics and chords.

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55 word fiction (55-word fiction) like flash fiction, micro fiction and nanofiction, or nano stories, is a genre of short, short stories that allows only 55 words. Not 54. Not 56. Exactly 55. Below are some 55 word fiction examples.

To start you off, here's a Shortie™ about Shorties™.

Count ‘em

“1, 2, 3, 4…“
“Whatcha doing?”
“7, 8… Counting words.”
“Numbers are words?”
“They are in Shorties™.”
“What are Shorties™?”
“55-word stories.”
“Why 55?”
“Why not?”
“Hyphenated words?”
“Two words.”
“Titles count?”
“How can you tell a story in 55 words?”
“It ain’t easy. 49, 50… Damn, I’m one short! …55.”

... and another one about:

The Family Farm

Five generations of Burkhardts lived and died here. Their tombstones
overlook the pond.

Mary and I (the new owners) are renovating the kitchen when
three translucent figures appear.

“Welcome and keep up the good work,” they chorus, before floating
through the solid, stone wall.

Startled, Mary grips my arm. “And if we don’t?” she gasps.


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